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The revolutionary hair tool that’s saving time and changing lives daily.

Nubian Lock Tool – Comfortable and easy hair interlocking.
The best locks tightening tool on the market.





I’ve had sisterlocs for 10 years. I use to dread having my hair re-tighten because I am extremely tender headed. With this new tool I don’t feel a thing and re-tightening are stress free.

– Deborah T.

The Nubian Lock Tool Story

I developed this tool to re-tighten my own hair. Although there are many creative tools on the market, they did not focus on my concerns when it came to promoting hair interlocking.

I needed the tool to do the following:

1 – allow me to re-tighten quickly

2 – not leave my head sore from over tightening

3 – easily pull the loose hair around the lock into the weaving pattern

4 – allow me to easily identify when there are multiple locks caught in my weaving

My tool does all these things.

Women are impressed with its ease of use and have encouraged me to make it available to those who maintain their own hair. I hope this tool is as positive for you as it has been for me.

This tool can be used to re-tighten anyone who wears locks that are woven. This would include Sisterlocks, Interlocks, Braidlocks and Nappylocs. It is most successfully used on locks within the range of micro to medium size.

Available in Silver and Gold Plated

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